Now you can get all the latest and greatest heavy metal news on your phone!!!! Same URL., Same content, Slightly different interface. 

I only tested this using ANDROID. Still have to debug & view on an IPHONE & Web OS. Mobile Metal!!!


My name is Brian and I like Metal. I started this website as a means of consolidating multiple Heavy Metal related websites into one place.

All of the content, with the exception of this page, is syndicated. Meaning it's being pulled in from external sources. Clicking on a headline will take you to the source of the content. My goal with this particular format is to provide an outlet for metalheads to quickly browse through hundreds of "news" stories...without visiting hundreds of different websites.

I am not a writer , music critic or walking encyclopedia of useless tidbits. So I probably won't be posting much more on this page outside of shit I think is cool. Or maybe music I am listening to.

Thanks for visiting. METAL!